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Mariano Moreno Institute (ISMM) was created in 1963 in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded by Mr. Roberto Sade, a visionary in the academic business, the Institute started as a journalism school, becoming the first school of journalism in Buenos Aires. It is named after Mariano Moreno who was the founder of the Gazeta de Buenos Aires, the first newspaper of the city.

ISMM is devoted exclusively to educational activities, and is currently recognized as one of the leading educational institutes of Argentina. With over 48 years of experience it has managed to expand into various sectors of education, such as: Culinary Arts, Computer, Fashion Design, and Accelerated High School for adults among others.

Since 2000 the Mariano Moreno Culinary Institute (MMCI)* has been setting the standard of excellence in professional culinary education, positioning itself as one of the best schools in Latin America. The mission of the MMCI is to promote worldwide appreciation of culinary arts and encourage excellence in the food business at all levels.

Every academic year the Institute of Culinary Arts welcomes hundreds of foreign students in its Buenos Aires location. The Institute has also established four schools in Colombia and three in Mexico, where its knowledge and expertise has resulted in great recognition for the school and its graduates. Its excellent reputation, outstanding professionals, and facilities have made it possible to partner with internationally recognized culinary schools, such as “Paul Bocuse Lyon Culinary Arts Institute”. International partnerships like this allow its students to participate in more culturally diverse experiences and expose them to the highly competitive business world.

MMCI will provide comprehensive training in cuisine and pastry to culinary professionals and enthusiasts. The curriculum is based on European cuisine with an emphasis on French, Italian and Spanish techniques. In addition to those classical cooking methods, it will also explore the American regional cuisine, Asian cuisine and the latest trends including Molecular Gastronomy, preparing its students for an international career in the food industry. Students will be trained alongside masters of the craft who share their world experiences and encourage them to develop creativity and originality.

The culinary arts program will provide you the opportunity to develop your skills through demonstration followed by hands-on practical application in professionally equipped kitchens. As part of this dynamic environment, students are immersed in the culinary and hospitality worlds, spending a significant time in the kitchen applying skills and techniques.

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